Client Compliments For Robert DeFelice & Associates

"Bob, working with you and your team was fast, easy and good price."

VP Product Development, Thermofisher Scientific


"Get him (Bob), he's the best industrial designer in New England."

Burleigh Hutchins, Respected Scientist and Entrepreneur


"We interviewed 7 design firms.  We selected your company because

    we wanted to be sure that whoever starts our project will finish it

    and we're confident that you'll be with us all the way."

VP Operations, Solidscape


    "Your imaginative designs beat the competition in both styling and engineering."

VP Engineering, Kaye Instruments


    "You and your staff finished the engineering documentation

     much faster than we could have done it here."

Engineering Manager, Dennison Manufacturing


    "We rely on Bob DeFelice's company to determine the best ergonomics

     for our products."

VP Marketing, GE/Ion Track Instruments


    "DeFelice & Associates is the best value industrial design firm in Greater Boston."

Manufacturing Manager, Xyplex     


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