How We Work


   In only 8-10 weeks:

        Phase I, Research and Analysis:  A thorough examination is made of your competition,

                   your manufacturing capabilities, the product's use, functional engineering factors,

                   ergonomics/human engineering analysis, budget considerations, and design



         Phase II, Preliminary Design:  Using the data from the Research phase, we prepare a number 

                 of conceptual, realistic CAD illustrations and/or models that show different styling and

                 functional features.  A presentation is held with you to review the designs and

                 determine a final design direction.


         Phase III, Final Conceptual Design: (May not be required) Refinements of the concepts shown at

                 the Preliminary Design presentation.  Several additional illustrations and/or models are prepared for

                 presentation at your offices.


           Phase IV,  Final Design:  Refinement and completion of the final design concept for manufacturing,

                 preparation of a highly detailed, color rendering which will give a realistic impression

                 of the final design in production.  A CAD control drawing, which shows overall shape and

                 dimensions, or (at your option) a fully detailed, 3D model/assembly drawing with all parts.

                 These engineering and artistic drawings are reviewed with you at another presentation.


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