How We Work


                        Phase V, Models:  Preparation of a full size or reduced scale model that looks like your new

                               product and helps you evaluate size, shape, colors, ergonomics, etc.


                        Phase VI, Mechanical Design and Documentation:  Preparation of all CAD mechanical engineering

                               documentation necessary to manufacture your new product.  All 3D models and drawings complete

                               with all dimensions, tolerances, material and finish specifications, and parts lists on your format. 

                               Also, all camera-ready art for control panels, silk screening, labels, etc.


                        Phase VII, Vendor Assistance:  We will recommend and assist vendors and inspect initial models

                               and/or production pieces for quality.


                        Phase VIII,  Prototype Assembly:  We will assemble prototypes and/or inspect initial production units, 

                              the quality of parts from vendors, and adherence to design specs. We are are intimately familiar

                              with the parts and assembly of our designs and can complete this important task in less time than

                              most other assembly personnel.


                             The client is always aware of the project status and frequent informal telephone contact is encouraged.

                              Design meetings and presentations are thorough and clear, and we are as close as your telephone                              

                                        whenever project discussions are desired.


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